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PragtTextUtil freeware text utility programAs software developer I always had a directory with all kinds of small utility programs including many Unix utilities that I put on every system where I had to work. This went fine for many years until I switched to Windows 7 and all these command line tools did not work anymore. I had the choice to recompile all these programs for Windows 7 (64 bits) or finally put all the functions of these small utility programs in one portable Windows program. I chose to write the Windows program PragtTextUtil (PTU) that is basicly a text editor with lots of features like wc, diff, grep, wget, search and replace with including control characters, commandline redirection to the editor window, sorting, filtering and many more functions. I hereby offer this fine utility as a portable freeware Windows program. Regards, Hein Pragt.


What kind of program is PragtTextUtil

PragtTextUtil is not an regular editor although the basic functions to edit text are present in this program. The program is intended to perform operations on text such as converting to uppercase or lowercase or removing HTML tags and converting to neat paragraphs. But also operations if trim, uniq, sort and filtering are in this program and a complex operation to a sorted word frequency overview to determine good keywords for a web page. You can also filter all lines containing a certain word or not from a log file contain a specific word. Also a nice option is search and replace with the possibility to use CTRL characters in the search but also the replacement text.

For input there are many options, the program can read all kinds of text files, but also convert files to hex / ascii dump, read html pages, web pages trough an HTTP request (simple wget) to get the exact response of an internet server. But you can also load the contents of your directory in the text editor for example, to make a sorted list of all your music. (It is still not under Windows possible to cut and paste the list from the explorer). You can also redirect a command line job directly into the text editor.

Trough the (wget)( function to request a web page you can load the HTML of this page in the text editor after which you can easily remove all HTML tags and scripting and then convert the plain text into neat paragraphs that you can further edit in your favorite word processor. You can use this for example also retrieve texts from sites that try to block the cutting and copying of the text.

Example search and replace with control characters.

In this example, I will show you how you can easily (by using of a few simple actions) can convert text with a number of lines to an html ordered list and sort this list and simply paste into your web page.

We will start with some text lines we cut from and existing text.

replace end of lines with html tags

Now we will replace the ^m^j (end of line characters) by </li>^m^j<li>

replace eol with html tags

The result is html open and close tags around the lines.

* We only need to edit the first and the last line.

replace by html tags

Now we can sort the line in alphabetical l order.

sort replaced lines

Now you have a nice html ordered list that you can paste into your webpage.

Example of word statistics.

To determine the right keywords for your Internet page, it is important to know how often a word appears on the page. With a few simple actions you can use this program a sorted list of all words and the frequency with which they appear in the text of your webpage.

First we paste all of the html code of out webpage into PragtTextUtil.

word statistics

With a simple command we remove all the html code from the page.

word statistics step 2

Now choose the option word statistics.

word statistics step 3

Now you have a sorted list of all words with the frequency of the text of the webpage.

word statistics step 4

Example of extracting text from a copy protected website.

It is extremely annoying when you find a nice piece of text for your work after a long search or if you want to quote a piece of text from an Internet page in your thesis and the site blocks cut and paste options. This protection is easy bypassed with the PragtTextUtil program and you can even turn the text into "neat" paragraphs.

Go to the Internet page and open the view source of the webpage in your browses.

copy text of a internetpage step 1

Select and copy all the lines including all the HTML markup from this view source of page window.

copy text of a internetpage step 2

Past this into the edit buffer of PragtTextUtil and slect the command to remove HTML code.

copy text of a internetpage step 3

After that select the command to create "neat" paragraphs.

copy text of a internetpage step 4

Now you will have the text from the Internetpage as "neat" paragraphs that you can past into your wordprocessor.

copy text of a internetpage step 5

Make an ordere list of all your MP3 files.

Sometimes you want to make a list or a table of contents of a director ob your hard disk for example for a list of all your MP3 files to send to a friend as a text document. Unfortunately you can't cut and paste from the windows file explorer. But this can be easily done with the help of PragtTextUtil.

Open PragtTextUtil and select the option to read directory listing and select a directory.

Make an orderd list of all yout MP3 files step 1

The directory list will nog be copied into the editor window where you can use the sort option to order it.

Make an orderd list of all yout MP3 files step 2

No you have a nice ordere list of all your MP3 files that you can save or send to a friend.

Make an orderd list of all yout MP3 files step 3


Although utmost care has been taken to ensure the correctness of the software, the software is provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind. The author, of this software accepts no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this product and makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


Please read the disclaimer before using this program!

Downloaden. (Version 1.07 2018)

Previous releases

Downloaden. (Version 1.04 Jul 2011)

Downloaden. (Version 1.03 Jul 2011)

Downloaden. (Version 1.02 Jun 2011)

Menu in version 1.07

   Open as text
   Open as Unicode text
   Open as text (read first 50 lines)
   Open as text (read last 50 lines)
   Open and convert to hex/ascii
   Open from HTTP
   Open and pipe command line
   Save text
   Save text As
   Read directory listing (date/size/name)
   Read directory listing (names)
   Search trough files
   Compare files

   Select All
   Copy to clipboard
   Cut to clipboard
   Paste from clipboard
   Delete selection
   Search text
   Replace text
   Goto line

   ToUpper selection
   ToLower selection
   Smart ToLower to paragraphs
   Whitespace to single space
   Whitespace to single space (save linebreaks)
   ToWordList (whitespace to inebreaks)
   Count lines, words, characters
   Words statistics (whole document)

   Sort selection Asc
   Sort selection Desc
   Sort selection Asc (Ignore case)
   Sort selection Desc (Ignore case)

   Strip html (add linebreaks)
   Format html
   Trim leading and trailing spaces
   Uniq the selection
   Uniq the selection with count
   Filter the selection (delete all except)
   Remove in the selection (delete all that contain)
   UTF-8 to iso-8859-1
   UTF-8 to plain ascii (remove diacrites)
   \n (Unix) to \n\r (Dos/Windows)


Last update: 08-01-2018

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