Adventuregames reviews.

Ever since my first computer in 1979 I was addicted to adventure games. It started with text adventure games like “Hounted house” and “Pyramid of doom” followed by all of Scott Adams games. In response to an article by Scott Adams in “80 Computing” I also wrote at my first own text adventure. I ended up writing the first Scott Adams adventure interpreter that I could use on a Windows computer and later also Andoid devices to play all Scott Adams text adventure games again in a more modern windows environment. Later the Kings Quest followed series, the Space Quest series, Day of the Tentacle, The seventh guest, all parts of Myst and Riven with the recent highlight “Broken age” and "Fire Watch". Sometimes adventure games really disappoint me and some I haven't even finished. I will also mention this on this page, next to all praise for the very good games. My rating is not sacred, it is my personal rating (review), depending on taste one can think otherwise. I will undoubtedly have played more games than I describe on this page, these are the games which I remember and which I have played recently. My steam profile is: Steam: Hein Pragt. Regards, Hein Pragt.

Gordian Rooms: A curious heritage (2021)

Gordian Rooms: A curious heritage afbeelding Almost by accident I saw this game on Steam and after reading the description I decided to buy it. I certainly didn't regret it. It's a game which is similar to Rooms, the graphic quality is nice and detailed. The puzzles are quite complex but doable, I only once used a walktru (because I really couldn't find an item anywhere). You inherit an old house from an eccentric uncle and you must solve all puzzels before you get the inheritance, explore the house and find a document. The game consists of four parts, where you can not go back. But if you have solved a part its not needed anymore, but I would keep the notes. It is a nice traditional puzzle game, with many variants of puzzles, I can recommend the game, I would also like to rate the game 9 out of 10. Steam page

Eastshade (2020)

Eastshade afbeelding After reading some reviews I was willing to buy the game and started playing with high expectations. The first chapter was fun, after that the game quickly got boring, you walk through a big landscape to search and collect a lot of small items and it is annoying and repetitive. Then the fact that every so often youre bounced back to your sleeping place to spend the night, after which you have to walk an endless distance to the place where you were before. The landscape is also very similar at times and you also have to get off the paths a lot to look for things. After I played the game for a few hours and in the second part I gave up, I didn't like it anymore. The game looks nice but I personally don't like it I also want to rate the game 5 out of 10. Steam page

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (2020)

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture afbeelding I've had this game on my wishlist for a while hoping it would go on sale, but it never happened. Because there few new games I bought it anyway. It looks beautiful and the music is also very nice and fits well with the story. What did not make me happy was the save system, I played on a laptop that I also use for other things and after a few hours I noticed that the game was not saved (autosave is unclear) and that I would lose an hour and a half of playing when closed. I finally had to do this, after which I downloaded an autosave patch and put the game in windowed mode via a config setting and then could really enjoy the game. The story you get is in fragments and sometimes in random order and the side stories are sometimes a bit confusing. It is not an adventure game but a walking simulator and in that respect it's a good, a really huge free-walking world and a really beautiful world. The ending is also beautiful and impressive. This game was very nice in itself and I also want to give the game a rating of 7 out of 10. Steam page

The house of Da Vinci 2 (2020)

The House of Da Vinci 2 afbeelding After playing The House of Da Vinci one I was curious about the second part. It is often the case that the second part is a bit disappointing due to too high expectations, but in this case it exceeded my expectations. The game is even more beautiful than part one and parts of the previous game also come back in the second game, you play a chapter in the new game where you left it in part one. The ability to look back in time with a device is a great invention that also makes a reasonable number of puzzles very beautiful. I was able to finish the game in more than 12 hours without cheats and it was again very addictive. It's a great beautiful game, really a classic puzzle adventure game, beautiful atmospheric graphics, sound that exactly matches the scenes, a nice story and enough clues for the sometimes difficult puzzles. I really enjoyed this beautiful adventure gamen and I can advice it to anyone who likes fun (yet solvable) puzzles, this is a huge collection of puzzles. This game was very addictive and I also want to rate the game 9 out of 10. Steam page

The Unfinshed Swan (2020)

The Unfinished Swan game This game looked very nice with a totally new concept, a completely white world that only appears in black and white when you throw paint bombs. A very nice introduction promised a nice story and I started playing with pleasure. Until I got up and noticed that I got nauseous. The game turns in all directions left, right, up and down but also rotating. I waited for a while and then played for a while and again I became very sick. I have returned the game, luckily that is possible on Steam, and I was unable to play it. My son played it on the PlayStation and he said it was a nice game. Too bad but I read that more people had suffered from sickness when playing this game. I personally give the game a rating of 6 out of 10, but thats because of the playing experience. Steam page

Aporia: Beyond The Valley (2020)

Aporia: Beyond The Valley game It had been a while since I played a game for 16 hours, only Broken Age and Obduction had longer playing times. Aporia: Beyond The Valley is a stunning first-person, free walking adventure game with a huge world to explore. There are many beautifully detailed locations, the atmosphere is great and sometimes really exciting, the story is beautiful, the worlds and the puzzles have a Myst River quality, the misty atmosphere, the rain, everything was beautiful. I was a bit annoyed by two puzzles that involved complex handling of the controls (jumping and walking in time) and I don't like games where you can die, in this game i died and came back to life at least thirty times. In the last parts when the spirit of the priest always haunts you, this arouses sincere annoyance and is a little fearful experience, but when I finshed the game I thought it was a masterpiece. It is a lot of walking and a lot to explore, but I thought it was a fantastic game in every way. I personally give the game a rating of 9 out of 10. Steam page

The Suicide of Rachel Foster (2020)

The Suicide of Rachel Foster game Despite the mixed reactions on steam I thought it was a great game A fun and interesting story, great atmosphere with good graphics and good sound effects. The hotel is very big and I like hidden passages and wandering. Comparing the game to Gone home or Firewatch is not honest, this game has an element of both games, but is different in many ways. There are some "puzzles" that you have to solve, they are usually things that are usual in an old hotel, like unlocking a door with a tool. The story has some flaws and some things don't match up when the story is complete, but that wasn't a problem, the story was detailed enough to be interesting. I had expected a different ending, but it fits the story. If you like to walk around in a big old spooky old hotel with hidden passages and a dramatic and emotional story then I can recommend this game, I really enjoyed it and played 6 hours straight to finish it in one night, I couldn't stop. The voices are good and you really get to bond with the main character. I personally give the game a rating of 9 out of 10. Steam page

Nephise (2020)

Nephise game I found this game mediocre, it's a fairly short first-person puzzle adventure, but very limited in choices. In fact there is an old wooden house, a cave and some winter forests and that's it, nevertheless it looks nice. There is only one main puzzle in which you have to rotate four images with the clues given, otherwise there are no dialogues or a story. The game is short, has no save function, and it's really something to take a break from time to time to play when you have nothing to do. It seems that this was some sort of attempt by Tonguç Bodur. A funny short game but I personally give the game a rating of 6 out of 10. Steam page

The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna (2020)

The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna game I regularly play a new game by Tonguç Bodur and my enthusiasm varies. Graphically, the games are always good and often he has some sad stories. The story of The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna is told from an observer's point of view and follows a story from the past about ordinary young man who returns to his native village after finishing his studies. Then you will have to deal with a world full of hatred, jealousy and all kinds of mean tricks. As usual it is a lot of walking to hear parts of the story and at the end there are more few puzzles. At the end the story started to get a bit unrealistic, a skeleton still hanging in a tree simply is impossible and the ending was a bit much after the long stories before that. A nice game but I personally give a rating of 7 out of 10. Steam page

The Escaper (2020)

The Escaper game I also like games like "The room" and "The Escaper" is an escape room game with a lot of puzzles that are also about multiple objects. There is no plot at all, there are no notes with explanations, and stuff like that and just the player and lots of puzzles. The puzzles in this game are just great but sometimes also very complex or hard to find. It is a matter of looking very carefully at all the details. The logic of the puzzels is good and I'm quite sensitive to that myself. Often I could solve puzzles very quickly but sometimes it took me fifteen minutes to half an hour to solve them. The game has four themed rooms of different sizes and its own genre of puzzles. I Personally rate this game 8 out of 10. Steam page

The Old City: Leviathan (2020)

The Old City: Leviathan game I like walking simulators but this game left mixed feelings. It's a very big sometimes sad world where you're almost get depressed yourself, the spoken text is sometimes a bit too profound. The story is also not always clear and I often had aa feeling I passed trough an area with almost meaningless. The game looks nice and the sound is good too. I missed a clear picture with this game and I got it at the end with not so much enthusiasm. I personally give this game a rating of 6 out of 10. Steam page

The Eyes of Ara (2020)

The Eyes of Ara game I had this game for a while and the preview videos were fun, but also indicated the sometimes too far fetched puzzles. When I finally got to play as I was stunned by the beautiful graphics and atmosphere. Not being able to move completely freely and having to click where I wanted something, I surely had to get used to. In the beginning the puzzles are still fairly simple but realistic and that's something that I always think is important. There has to be a certain logic in the puzzles. As the game progressed, the puzzles became more complex \ and in the third part I was so frustrated with the illogical complexity of some puzzles that I finished the game using a walktru. After playing I found the story rather fuzzy and unclear and the game left more question than a game that works towards a nice plot. But the fantastic graphics made up for it, the details of everything and the animation were perfect. I personally give this game a 7 out of 10 rating. Steam page

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (2020)

The Vanishing of Ethan Cartern game I bought this game in a new version and when I was playing it I thought I recognized it. And indeed I had bought the game in the original version a year earlier and then stopped after playing the first chapter. Now I played the game again I had to get used to it again, especially reconstructing events (and especially putting it in the right I sometimes found it a bit strange. The story was also a bit confused and I already found all kinds of things in it in terms of coherence that were not really correct. Nevertheless, the atmosphere and the beautiful graphics inspired me to continue. Further on in the game the puzzles became a bit more complex and spread over multiple locations and I sometimes had the misfortune of overlooking clues. The nice thing about this game is that at the end of the game everything becomes clear and everything fits together in a very nice way. I also had a very good feeling after finishing that I had played a nice game so I personally give this game a rating of 8 out of 10. Steam page

Discolored (2019)

Discolored game I got this game as a gift (on Steam) from one of my sons and I was able to finish it with some help. It's a simple game play but playing with colors and color filtering is a very nice feature. The game is complex enough to have a good time and the puzzles are not extremely difficult but sometimes a bit weird. The story is also a bit blurry but I also had that didn't have too high expectations so it was all in all not too bad. In retrospect it was a fun game to play, but not a game I would have bought myself. Nevertheless, I was happy with my present. I personally give this game a rating of 7 out of 10. Steam page

Obduction (2019)

Obduction game When I read that Obduction was made by my game idols Robyn and Rand Miller who made me enjoy the whole Myst series and who I still remember as I had a written permission from them to create review pages with images from Myst, I had to play the game. The well-known Cyan roll on the beginning of the game felt very familiar. Everything was reminiscent of Riven, the graphic style of the worlds, the mechanical constructions with realistic details, even recoverable puzzles and switch machines. I spent a total of 17 hours puzzling about the game in two variants of endings. It was an old-fashioned great experience, but… the many puzzles with the switch machines and the associated loading screens started to get annoying a few times. Of the 17 hours I spent at least half an hour looking at loading screens. I also found the story not be clear, after finishing I had to read the background of everything I had experienced on a site that covered the whole story to understand it. I thought this was a shame because I would have liked to know more about the story in the game. In the game it is often "figure it all out for yourself" and you end up doing everything that needs to be done without really understanding it. I do not like this so much and so I personally give this game a rating of 8 out of 10. Steam page

Lake Ridden (2019)

Lake ridden game Lake Ridden is a wonderful adventure game, beautiful atmospheric environments, good music and background sounds, puzzles that are not too difficult are a fun challenge. Only the puzzle boxes with a matrix of buttons I found downright annoying and after solving two by hand myself I looked up the remaining seven on Steam. The autosave is annoying, I have closed the game twice after which I had to redo an entire hour of level because I just didn't get to an autosave point. Yet it is an exciting story and sometimes graphic a fantastic experience even though at the end there were quite a few questions left. The environment of the game I quite large with quite a lot locations, but there is also something to do or find at every location and my total playing time was nine hours. I personally give this game a rating of 8 out of 10. Steam page

The Room 3 (2019)

The Room 3 After playing the first two parts of The Room by Fireproof Games, I was already a big fan. In the third part you are no longer in one room but in a big castle. The many puzzles are almost all mechanical in nature and somewhat similar to Myst. There are beautiful devices and the puzzles are just logical and doable. Also nice is the magnifying glass with which you can see small objects crawl for a hidden puzzle. When you've finished the game, it turns out there are also four other endings that you all like try by getting back into the game before the last level. The puzzles are now a bit meaner and there are no more hints. All endings playing gave me three hours of extra fun (and sometimes a bit of annoyance because of something mean puzzles). I personally give this game a rating of 9 out of 10. Steam page

The Painscreek killings (2019)

The Painscreek killings The Painscreek Killings is a traditional point and click adventure game with a fairly complex series of murders to solve. Because the game was recommended and I liked the description, I bought the game on sale on Steam. The beginning was a bit confusing but little by little it became clearer. Somewhat disappointing to me was the enormous amount of diaries that were everywhere to be read, every time open drawers and cupboards and find a huge number of keys everywhere. After a few hours it started to get a bit monotonous and I finally finished the game with some reluctance. The story goes in many directions and that is not so weird for a detective but some things were a bit far fetched and some locks and puzzles too. You also often had to walk back and forth through the fairly large town and every time a loading screen when entering each location was somewhat annoying in the long run. A very extensive game because I still had nine hours playing time, nevertheless I did not have a very good feeling at the end. I personally give this game a rating of 7 out of 10. Steam page

What Remains of Edith Finch (2019)

What Remains of Edith Finch A game that I thoroughly enjoyed in two days is "What Remains of Edith Finch". It is a so-called walking sim with a good story and beautiful graphics and sound. Edith Finch returns in-game to her childhood home where three generations of her mothers side of the family have lived there, people who apparently all died from a curse on the family. The story is very beautiful, tragic and special. The game has a number of puzzles and skill games in addition to following the storyline. The game is really nice to play and all the stories fit into the whole and there are few illogical twists in the game. The only minus I could find is that the game does require a powerful computer and good video card. I can really recommend the game and I also want to give it a rating of 9 out of 10. Steam page

The House of Da Vinci (2019)

The House of Da Vinci afbeelding Although The House of Da Vinci was already out for a long time, I only noticed the game after Steam drew my attention to it. Without to high expectations I started the game and after that I was addicted to it for at least 11 hours. It is a very beautiful game, really a classic puzzle adventure game, beautiful atmospheric graphics, sound that exactly fits the scenes, a nice story and enough clues for the sometimes tricky puzzles. Despite the tendency to look in walktrus after a while, I only have done this three times because I really couldn't solve a puzzle. In the end everything comes together and I really enjoyed this wonderful adventure, I can recommend this huge collection of puzzles for anyone who likes fun (yet solvable) puzzles. This game was very addictive and I want to give the game a rating of 9 out of 10. Steam page

Bottle Pilgrim (2019)

Bottle Pilgrim afbeelding The Bottle Pilgrim game is a walking simulator with a huge world to walk in. Yet walking is often only possible in one direction and there is not much choice. The puzzle element is sometimes a bit unrealistic, especially the radios and the batteries and the objects that must be collected, and the game is a bit tedious. Nevertheless, the graphics are very nice and the atmosphere with the sound is very captivating and sometimes a bit haunting. It is not an exciting game and the story is deeply sad with a not so exciting climax at the end. Nevertheless, it is worth playing (running out) if you have some patience. I thought it was a questionable experience, halfway through I wanted to stop, but I also wanted to know the end. This game didn't leave a huge impression and I also want to give the game a rating of 6 out of 10. Steam page

The Town of light (2019)

The town of light afbeelding Suddenly I got the game The Town of Light as a recommendation on Steam and after reading the description it looked good, especially because the game was on sale. I started playing it because I was looking for a little time to kill, but after an hour I was so absorbed in the story i couldn't stop playing it until late in the night. I picked it up again the next morning and play till the end. It's been a long time since I was so impressed with a story that it played in my head for days. The game is a free walking simulator with a storyline that you have to discover along the way by visiting locations. Every time you get to see penetrating flashback cutscenes and you can read all kinds of documents and discover the story. The game takes place in Italy in an old psychiatric facility that actually exists and that has been used as a model for that game. Also the story is based on true events and it tells the horrific story of a girl who at the age of sixteen was admitted in 1938 and her terrible fate in this institution. Meanwhile, the player learns how things were in this institution at that time and the horrific things that really happened. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the light, sound and music is in perfect harmony. There are not many difficult puzzles in the game and the puzzles that are there fit in with the story. The game doesn't have a happy ending but it does have an ending that impresses and I also has a little missing pieces. After finishing it I looked them up because the game also left me with questions. This game left a huge impression and I want the game too give a rating of 9 out of 10. Steam page

Homesick (2019)

Homesick afbeelding I had the game Homesick on my wish list on Steam for a while when it suddenly went on sale. I bought the game and full of expectations I started to play. The graphics are beautiful, the atmosphere too and the music fits the atmosphere well. But the story is not clear at all, the ending is a mystery and quite a disappointment and the puzzles are absurdly strange and illogical at times. I couldn't finish the game without a walktru either. I found the game a huge disappointment in the game eventually found the game not worth the money, even on sale. I give the game a rating of 5 on a scale of 10. Steam page

Marie's room (2019)

Marie's Room afbeelding Sometimes you suddenly come across a beautiful game that really grabs you, Marie's room is one of them. Exploring an old room, merging memories, trying to summarize a story, a short exploration game mainly set in a single bedroom. The game playing revolves around an old diary, which gradually fills itself with old memories as the game progresses. It looks nice, the atmosphere is good, the voice grabs you and there are some fun puzzles in it. All in all can be completed in an hour but it leaves a good feeling. And the the game is completely free, I would have paid a few euros for it. Although the game is quite short I want to give it a rating of 8 out of 10. Steam page

Dear Esther (2019)

Dear Esther afbeelding I love the so called walking simulator games and the game Dear Esther is this in its purest form, all you do is walk and explore the area while hearing parts of the story at certain points. The road you have to follow is not really complex, sometimes you can go several ways, there are a few points where you can explore a house or shipwreck extensively. In the beginning think you realize that the story is about the island, but slowly you find out that this is not the case. Graphically very nice in combination with the beautiful music and sound effects make the game breathtakingly beautiful. I finished the game in an hour and a half and that is relatively short but nevertheless I thought it was worth the purchase. Although the game is quite short I want to give it a rating of 8 out of 10. Steam page

Message Quest (2018)

Message Quest afbeelding Message Quest is a small but very fun adventure game that is fun to play in between and (like me) to finish in one go. The story is fun and the graphics resemble stained glass windows which gives a special atmosphere. The main character Feste is not a hero either and it's funny to watch his character grow in the game. In addition to point and click, there are also jigsaw puzzles and bridge puzzles and the funniest puzzles are the so-called battles where with various choices the own power of the attack and the own affect health. As said not a very long game but enough variety to keep it fun until the end. I enjoyed this game, it costs little and is well worth the money in my opinion. Although the game is quite short I want to give it a rating of 8 out of 10. Steam page

House of Caravan (2018)

House Of Caravan afbeelding House of Caravan only provides a few hours of fun and after a while it gets a bit boring, especially all the items in the room that you can grab but have no meaning to the gameplay. Especially all the drawers that one has to open, many of which seem like clues but most have papers and things you can't reach. After I finished the game, it cost me another half an hour to find all the missing messages hidden in places that sometimes really didn't make sense or almost aren't visible. Some of the puzzles were fun but a bit unreal and some of the puzzles were real "adventure game puzzles". I love puzzles that fit the environment and can exist in the real world with a little imagination. There is no beautiful build up of the story, but in the end it all makes sense. Often it was just clicking in dark areas to see or something (such as a lamp) lit up. The story is kinda thin at the end and I got the feeling that there are a lot of items and rooms were put into the game to make it bigger and take more time from the player without giving any clues or inspiration. At one point I just wanted to finish the game so it was over. My rating of this game is a 6 out of 10. Steam page

The Search (2018)

The Search afbeelding The Search was recommended to me as a slightly more profound and beautiful point and click and first person view adventure game and I had been looking at a review before buying it this time. It took some getting used to but it's a beautiful game with a lot of life wisdom and philosophical short messages. The game has a nice atmosphere and beautiful images, the storyline is not completely linear but when you have forgotten something somewhere, you always have the chance to go back to that location. It's looking for all clues and finding all the objects, but nothing is really illogical. The game is not really difficult and within a few hours to play, but it has a nice storyline and a nice ending with a nice message. I thought it was a fun game with a nice message, I can recommend it but it still gets a rating of a 7 (a bit short) out of 10. Steam page

Home is where the one starts (2018)

home is where the one starts afbeelding After playing Gone home, I looked for a similar game and came up with Home is where the one starts through recommendations. The game is not expensive so i decided to buy it and play it. I finished the game with mixed feelings, the atmosphere and the graphics are fine, one can roam freely in this small world, in the whole game take only one thing and that thing is only seen after you have been to a different location. While walking through the game, one hears the voice of the main character who tells her story, a rather sad story which is also not completely clear. There are many spaces that are not of any use to it course of the game and a few that do. All in all a very short game that one can play in an hour, it isn't it really special but also not a huge disappointment. My rating of this game is a 6 out of 10. Steam page

Gone home (2018)

Gone Home afbeelding Gone Home is a first-person adventure exploration game created by The Fullbright Company. The game takes place in the year 1995 and the player takes on the role of 21-year-old Katie who, after a year abroad, returns to the old house that her parents bought during her trip. The game consists of investigating the big house and finding her sister's diary stories to find out what has happened in the last year and quite recently. The story of this game is very nice and the ending reasonable surprising. Still, I didn't think the game was worth full price, I also bought it on steam on sale. The game controls with mouse and keys work well. The atmosphere in the game is good, the graphics are well finished and beautiful but a lot of researching in the house provides nothing for the game and is only fills, there are rooms with a lot of objects where not one of them is important for the gameplay. Moreover, almost every table has a box of tissues and loads of pens, cards and letters in the house and can open almost any drawer without usually containing anything important to the game. This strikes me as a bit like “stuffing” and unnecessarily occupying the player to stretch the game a bit. Nevertheless, it is a nice game to play, although I at a certain moment had to cheat in a Walkthrough, but that's partly because there were so many objects that were not useful. It's fun to understand the parents' story and build a reconstruction of the sister's life, with sometimes almost endearing moments. All in all a nice game when you can buy it on sale. My rating of this game is an 8 on the scale of 10. Wikipedia page

Firewatch (2018)

Firewatch afbeelding A game that completely overwhelmed me and where I played until deep into the night without being able to stop is the game Firewatch. It is a “first person adventure game” created by Campo Santo. Firewatch is set in the Wyoming wilderness in 1989 and the player takes takes on the role of Henry who has taken a summer job as a fire lookout at a fire tower in Shoshone National Forest. In the beginning of the game, it is made clear by means of flashbacks why the main character has chosen this lonely position in the woods. The only form of communication the protagonist has is a walkie-talkie that connects him to his supervisor named Delilah and one can use the personalize dialogs through drop-down menus. The main character can freely walk and climb throughout the area and that makes the game a bit difficult in the beginning. Navigating is done with a map and a compass, but after the first assignment you get to know the forest fairly well. The area of the game is quite big but after playing for a while you start to get to know the environment and walking through the forest becomes easier. Yet it is often difficult to navigate with the map and the compass, but that also makes it realistic. Slowly a kind of mystery arises and it's up to the main character to fix this. Fortunately, the game gives enough clues to discover the story but there remains a lot of research for the player. The game is captivating until the very end and especially at the end the burning forest and the smoke and ash are very realistic and it really hinders the main character in finding the way. The plot is also very nice and has a kind of life lesson, I can recommend this game to everyone. My rating of this game is a 10 out of 10. Wikipedia page

De 'Deponia' reeks (2018)

Deponia afbeelding I bought all parts of Deponia (Deponia, Chaos on Deponia, Goodbye Deponia) in one sale on Steam in one sale and started at the first game. Enthusiastic as I had become by the gamers' recommendations about Daedalic Entertainment from Germany, I really liked the game at first. Nice absurd humor, a beautiful cartoon-like world and an absurd story. However, I couldn't do the first part without a small look on a walktrough and that only got worse in the second part. The sometimes absurd puzzles (one where the sound of the PC had to be turned off so that the main character was not distracted by the sound) went too far for me and spoiled the gameplay. I don't have the second part finished and all games removed. The game itself is fun and if you can handle some really absurd puzzles, it's really worth it to play. However, the game only gets 6 points from me on a scale of 10. Wikipedia page

De 'The Room' reeks (2018)

The room afbeelding By chance I came across the game "The Room" and I was immediately sold. I finished the game in one go and immediately after that bought "The Room Two" (for full price) and thoroughly enjoyed playing them all. The Room is a puzzle game from developer Fireproof Games. In the first part of the game, the player is locked in a small room and their eyes are completely focused on one object that appears to contain a whole collection of puzzles. In the following parts the rest of the room is also involved and one can suddenly walk around and in all corners of the room to find clues to the different puzzles out there. Despite this, the space is small and the focus of all these games on solving very fun and often logical puzzles. A great series that I can recommend to everyone, I give the whole series a nice 9 on the scale of 10. Wikipedia page

Forgotten Land (2017)

forgotten land spel afbeelding I came across Forgotten Land on Steam and it was very cheap so I wanted to give it a try. It's a (very) small adventure game in which one plays the driver who has had an accident. The game is set in a large valley that, according to a local legend is called the Forgotten Land. As the main character, you must quickly leave the valley to find the nearest village. The playing time is limited, if the main character does not find the village in time, he will die from the cold and the game will start again. This game is a so called free walking game and it gets a bit tedious to play after a while. Since the game was very cheap I must say that you you get value for money. My rating of this game is a 5 out of 10. Forgotten land op Steam

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons (2017)

brothers spel afbeelding When I was looking for a game to play with my daughter, I bought the indie game Brothers, A Tale Of Two Sons. A very nice game, it's about two brothers who have to set out to save their old father by finding 'the water of life'. The game is a two player game, one player controls one son and the other player controls the other son. Players must therefore also regularly work together to get things done. The two brothers embark on a journey that they can only complete if they work together. It Graphically speaking, it is a very nice game, the controls of the brothers are also fine after some practice. The game is a bit lurid and bloody half way through the game and unfortunately my daughter dropped out. Because the game alone is unplayable I have unfortunately also had to break it down. It's a nice game with nice challenges and I want to give it a rating of 8 on the scale from 10. Wikipedia page

Machinarium (2016)

Machinarium afbeelding I found the game Machinarium on Steam on sale and bought it. It is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Amanita Design and was first released in 2009. So when I bought the game it had been out for quite some time. In Machinarium the player controls a robot named Josef that is dumped on a junkyard. Josef discovers an evil plot of the Black Cap Brotherhood to blow up the city tower. The aim of the game is to solve a series of puzzles connected by a overarching world. The game has no dialogues instead there are animated thought clouds that provide clues. Sometimes hints are given when you do nothing for a little too long. It's a nice game but halfway through it started to get a bit monotonous so I never finished the game completely. Despite this, the game still gets a rating of 7 out of 10. Wikipedia page

Broken Age (2014)

Broken-age afbeelding When I heard about the Kickstarter from developer Double Fine for Broken Age, I was also quick to sign up. The game is it work by LucasArts legend Tim Schafer and that alone was a recommendation I couldn't pass up. Unfortunately, history repeated again and the game was delivered much too late and due to budget problems even split in two parts after a very long wait on the side from the people who, like me, had already paid with high expectations. But when the game was finally there, I really played and enjoyed it a lot. After that unfortunately I had to wait a while for part 2 but that was also a great part and I loved everything about the storyline. The story is amazingly beautiful and the graphics too. The puzzles are not terribly difficult and quite logical and I thought that was fine. It was well worth the money (and the wait) and I'm still excited. I give the game a 9 on the scale of 10. Broken Age review

Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne (2010)

Voyage afbeelding On the Internet I came across the game Voyage also called Journey to the Moon and I bought it online at Kheops Studio itself. It is a adventure game with pre-generated graphics and the story focuses on a French adventurer's journey to the moon in the 19th century and where finds an ancient civilization on the moon. The story is loosely based on the novels From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne. During the game you will discover what preceded the journey and learn all about an alien culture on the Moon. I thought it was a very nice story with nice puzzles and nice graphics. It is a game that one can spend many hours on and I thought it was totally worth the price. The game definitely gets a rating of 8 out of 10. Wikipedia page

Myst V, End of Ages (2005)

Myst V afbeelding Myst V: End of Ages is the final chapter of the Myst series and as usual it was created by Cyan Worlds. I bought the game when it came out came at full price. The story is a continuation of all previous stories. As usual, the atmosphere of the game is very nice with gorgeous graphics. The game is in every way as good as all the previous games in the series and for people who loved the previous games thought this is more of the same. As usual, the player has a lot of freedom to move randomly through the game, but at some points a puzzle must be solved to continue. The puzzles are (as usual) beautiful and logical and not extremely complex. I have really enjoyed this conclusion to this wonderful series of adventure games. The game gets a rating of 8 out of 10 from me. Wikipedia page

Uru: Ages Beyond Myst (2003)

Uru: Ages Beyond Myst spel afbeelding Because I had certain expectations of Cyan's games, I also bought the game Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. The game came out in 2003 and it was the fourth game in the Myst series. Uru was a different game form than previous parts, you could compose your own character and thereby explore an abandoned city of the ancient D'ni race. It was a shame that it had become a regular 3D game and that my PC barely pulled it, which pretty much destroyed the fun in the game, in the end the sales were also very disappointing. I think personally it's a bad successor to the series because technically wanted to get better and had run into the term "overkill". I think I'm sorry to have to give this game a small 6 out of 10. Wikipedia page

Syberia (2002)

syberia spel afbeelding Syberia is a third-person adventure game, where the player has to solve all kinds of puzzles. In the game, the player follows the story of the American lawyer Kate Walker, who is sent to a French village to settle a takeover of a toy factory. Once Upon arrival, Walker finds out that the owner of the factory has just passed away and she has to find a brother to sort things out rounds that will eventually lead her to Russia. I never liked playing in third person and I don't like it now, the puzzles are nice but the storyline is sometimes a bit messy. I finished the game three quarters and then I didn't enjoy it anymore. I am then also stopped at that point and deleted the game. I looked at another Syberia II afterwards but found the same here. My rating of this game is a 6 out of 10. Wikipedia page

I played a lot of adventure games an I could discribe a lot of older games, I do this on the Dutch part of the site, but I leave this part out on the English part.

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