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My name is Hein Pragt, I am a single father and webmaster / author and I live in Veenendaal in the Neteherlands. The website heinpragt.com originated in 1995 as a simple homepage with Resume and some information about things that interest me and the site has grown over the past 26 years and has now a small company. On this website I write about general topics that have my interest. I have an extensive bookcase, a good education, I did courses and workshops and I have a wide life experience. On some subjects I am and expert and in other subjects I have a personal interest. I try to keep my website objective and general as possible, nevertheless I also incorporate some of my personal experience in my articles. But I always respecting the privacy of others, so I never get too personal. This page contains some information about myself. Also it's nice to describe more than 30 years of performing music with bands. I am an honest, somewhat introverted, friendly and very open person (with respect for those around me) and most of the people who know me like this is about me. I have some experience in love and I also write about it on this website, yet I have been single for several years now, it is like it is, that's life. If you have any question or if you just want to report something, you can also contact me by my social media pages or the contact form on the top of this page. Regards, Hein Pragt.

Who is Hein Pragt?

My full name is Heinrich Maria Pragt and I was born March 5, 1959 in the village of Bargercompascuum near the city of Emmen in Drenthe (Netherlands), where I also lived until the age of eighteen years old. I lived with my parents who had their own business, sadly my parents have both passed away. I was the oldest son of five children. I am a single parent father, I have five children and I have a technical profession (ICT). But I have also learned a lot about psychology, philosophy, spirituality and the human mind. All these topics you can find (mostly on the Dutch pages) of my website. I have a cozy home and everyone is welcome and as long as I long as I know how many people are staying for dinner, it's good for me. In my spare time I write a lot of articles about everything that interests me, I read a lot, I learn a lot. I like new things and crafts and I like to design things. I design and build solar panel projects and little robots (most people find them very funny), but I also make my own massage oil, bath oil and natural care products. I have a 3D printing and laser engraving machine and I make things on commission base. I strongly believe in equality for men and women for all my life and I believe that men and women are two completely different beings, but they should be completely equivalent. I do not believe in a traditional role pattern, I am very independent myself, can run a household and take care of children, I'm fine talking about emotions and feelings but I definitely consider myself a real (reasonably rational) man.

I dislike most conventional things and "this is the way it's always been done", I'm quite stubborn and have my own opinion but I always respect other people and other opinions. I love the multicultural society and also love delicious exotic food. Honesty, reliability, respect and integrity are very important to me, but also playfulness and a little adventure. I am also very socially committed, very caring, optimistic and a bon vivant. I don't like complaining and making life difficult, I try not to worry too much about things that I can't change anyway and most of all I try to enjoy life the way it goes. I have a very positive attitude to life that comes close to Buddhism, spiritual enlightenment and most of all Non-dualism. I believe in doing good, living honestly and sincerely without envy and being helpful to all the people around and spreading positivity. I also love animals and I have a few at home too, but I'm not a fan of dogs. I prefer not traveling far, but I do like going out on an adventure, camping, a weekend (or a few days) away to a beautiful city such as Antwerp, London or Cologne, Austria, or a weekend away in a Bed & Breakfast and enjoy everything in the area. I am a very open person, I can talk freely about everything and believe in open and non-violent communication.


klimbos Garderen

I have five children, four sons (Robert, Rick, Rene and Raoul) from my first marriage and a daughter Romy from my second marriage. My youngest son is now a young adult and my oldest is already mature. Unfortunately I no longer have contact with my two oldest sons, I call the other sons weekly and I still support the youngest son, who just lives on his own and is still studying. My 16 year old daughter lives with me mostly half of the week (sometimes a little more) and we have a good relationship. I have been divorced for eleven years, but despite the fact that every divorce is emotionally heavy, the mother of Romy and I quickly decided that we would raise our daughter in harmony and cooperation and that is still going very well on to this day. It is terrible when children are dragged into a divorce and thus double the number of victims. I also have good contact with my (now adult) ex stepdaughters that I got as a gift at my second marriage. I also have a (small) tattoo on my left upper arm with the five 'R' signs of all first letters of the names of my children, I love all my children and my door is always open for them.

Health lifestyle

I try to live a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing quality of life. High blood pressure, cardiovascular problems run in my family ant this is mostly connected to overweight. Since I only have one body I feel committed to take very good care of my body. I eat mostly vegetarian food since many years and organic as much as possible and I like multicultural food very much. I pay close attention to my fitness and my body weight and try to be free to live an active life, I usually go by bike instead of the car and like to do active things like here in this picture in the climbing forest. I do not smoke I hardly drink alcohol and I try to take good care of myself, both appearance and internal body. Although I am now over 60 years old, I still feel a lot younger and I am not someone who is calm and sluggish in age. I pay close attention to my weight and body figure and I usually fall for slender partners. Occasionally I like to go to the sauna to completely cleanse my body and completely relax again. I usually try not to judge other people but I don't like it when people neglect their bodies by smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol or ignoring obesity. I would like to remain active until old age and therefore I will have to take good care of this body. Despite the opinions about health of tattoos I do have a few (relatively small) tattoos that are not very visible because they are high on both upper arms and two (relatively small) tattoos on the forearms that do have a special symbolic meaning for me. See my tatoos.

My work

I have been working in ICT since 1985 as a software engineer / technical application manager and have not been unemployed for the last 34 years. I am definitely not a career tiger but very good in my field of work. I try to balance work and private life and try to reduce the number of hours at work enough so that I can still live a good life, but can also do other things I like to do and enjoy my life. It has always been important to me to be able to combine single fatherhood, work and private life without stress. Besides my work I developed a lot at home and wrote programs, games and apps. Usually out of my own interest or when I needed a utility that I couldn't find anywhere else. I don't live to work although I have a nice and good job, I don't care about expensive things and fashion, but work to live because the people I love are the most important to me. Because I currently work 28 hours a week, I am able to easily combine work and household as a single man and my many without any stress and this is worth more to me than the extra money. I unfortunately have lost quite a few acquaintances and colleagues that did not live to enjoy their well-deserved old age and this convinced me more an more to enjoy life NOW.


As a child I was already very creative, I tinkered everything together, I cut wood, cast tin, wrought iron in my father's workshop and I made great drawings and I was member of a photo club. Music was also a form of creativity that started at a young age with organ lessons. I have played in bands for almost my whole life and I was even a professional musician for 6 years. My drawing changed to Photoshop and drawing on the computer. I have built a complete playground for my children and even nowadays I am still very creative. This website is one of those things, but I also craft robots and electronics projects such as a bicycle shed with everything on solar energy, but also the roof behind the house, the chicken coop and a tree house for the children all made with designs on scrap paper. I also make natural soap, natural bath oil, massage oil and other cosmetic products (especially for myself and friends and acquaintances) and I also cast candles and plaster. I like to be creative and there is a special part on creativity on the Dutch pages of this website.

My music and bands

band Shamrock uit Emmen I play keyboards (organ, piano, synths) and guitar (electric an acoustic) and I have also sung both solo and choral work for years. From the age of about 8 years I had classical organ lessons for a number of years because I absolutely loved the church organ and I wanted to become a church organist. When I was 14 years old I started in a garage band and taught myself to play the piano and guitar. My first professional band was the band Shamrock from Emmen and I have been a professional musician from eighteen to twenty-four years and after that I have been performing for more than thirty years beside my common job. When I was twenty four years old I went back to school and did my ICT exams and worked as ICT specialist ever since. I played in various bands or alone and most bands in which I played were very commercial and it was usually not the kind of music I listen to privately. My personal preference is something heavier music, country music, melodic rock, jazz and the passion of Italian music. After my divorce it was not possible work to combine work, children and performing so I quit performing at all. Usually I don't miss it but when I see a live performance of a good band I itches a bit. Nowadays I still record songs at home and sing songs on my Tascam 8 track home recorder.
I put my recordings on my youtube channel.

I live in Veenendaal

Shortly before the birth of my youngest daughter, I moved from a apartment in Delft to the town of Veenendaal in the center of the Netherlands, because the houses in Veenendaal were half as expensive than the southwest of the Netherlands. Also I preferred my daughter to grow up in a slightly more friendly environment, although Veenendaal also has some disadvantages that mainly come from the conservative angle, it is generally a very friendly place to live. The disadvantages do not outweigh the many advantages, including a spacious house with garden, spacious neighborhood, three train stations, central location and a good range of shops and schools and a nice environment. It is good to stay in and around Veenendaal, the area is suitable for beautiful walks and beautiful bike rides. Veenendaal was named the greenest city in Europe in 1997 and the greenest city in the Netherlands in 2004. Veenendaal has been proclaimed Bicycle City 2000 and in 2004 it was named the best shopping city in the province of Utrecht.
Read more about Veenendaal on: https://www.veenendaal.nl/

Adventure games

For over 40 years I have loved adventure games, I started with the simple text adventures and nowadays I play the mostly beautiful graphic point and click adventure games. I also like to play walking simulators with a nice story. I am also a game programmer and I have written quite a few games myself. I really like the Unity game engine and am quite good with it. On this site you can also find the games I released last years. I also wrote the Scott Adams adventure interpreter for PC, Android and Windows App and that has been used worldwide. Nowadays I buy my games on Steam, I have a Dutch page with reviews of all the games I played the last ten years.

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