Differences between men and women

Differences between man and womenMen and women, there is a lot of information about the differences between men and women on this page. When people learn about the differences between men and women I believe men and women can understand each other better. It is not the only solution to all problems that constantly seem to arise between men and women, but it may be a good to look at things that go on between a man and a woman from a different point of view. And also some differences between men and women are very funny. From the emancipation believes in the 60s they thought that all differences between men and women were the result of education and culture. Research in the recent years has shown that the differences exists most likely in our brains and genes and the difference in education and culture also are responsible for some of the differences. Men and woman should be equal in rights and opportunities but they are absolutely not equal to each other. According to John Gray they are so different that they appear two come from different planets, Venus and Mars. Being the same is different from equality, I mean that men and women should have the same rights, duties, opportunities and rewards. If we learn to use each other's strengths and put less emphasis on the weaknesses of both sexes, the combination of men and women can work very positive. Sincerely, Hein Pragt

The differences between men and women in our brains.

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verschillen hersenen mannen en vrouwenDespite the fact that men and women should both have equal rights and duties, equal pay and opportunities, men and women are absolutely different from each other. Despite only slight differences in the genes, these small variations control the production and influence of male and female hormones that have a major impact in the construction of both the body and the development of the brain. Now it is true that many gender differences are very exaggerated and that some differences are not always true. There are plenty of caring men and women can also be aggressive and generally both sexes are equally smart. From the moment we are in the womb the sex specific hormones such as testosterone and estrogen (and the amount of there)have a huge impact on the brain and body of the unborn child. But these hormones also act directly on adult brains. In addition, the differences shapes of brains of men and women are also the result of these hormones. The brains of women have a slightly larger surface area and more links between different areas, while that of men are somewhat larger.

When we take these differences into account it is not surprising that men and women often behave differently. However, human behavior is determined not only by the biological predisposition but also by experience and training. The way parents interact with each other and how they educate children will clearly affect the mental development of a child. But how can we tell the biological and cultural influences on behavior apart? This is very difficult because the border is not very clear, but we can look at animals to look for the same differences. When animals show the same differences, this can be an indication that the behavior is not learned but that the cause is genetic predisposition. It is known that most men spatial visualization ability than most women. Apparently men and women interpret the world around them in a different way.

Popular books interpret this as the man that is too stubborn to ask the way, but this is probably more dependent on the environment than genetic predisposition. When test are done with male and female rats it show that female rats are also more dependent on landmarks to find their way, while male rats work with a kind of imaginary map. This behavior changed when female rats were injected with male rat hormones. However, this does not look like a reasonable solution for human beings. (lol) But it appears to be true that most men are better in all aspects of spatial understanding and most women are usually better in remembering where things have gone, they remember the location of objects in an environment better than man. (Do you know where I put my gloves my dear?)

Many people have tunnel vision in the fact that men often score much higher on math tests than women. That is a fact but what people forget is that more men than women score much lower on the math test, so it seems that women are more consistently scoring average and that men often spikes up and down. Women are therefore slightly more stable in this regard, while the mathematical ability of different men is further apart. This difference between men and women may be a biological difference that has to do with the male advantage of thinking in abstract spatial, but it can also result from the fact that women in our culture are still being told that generally women are less good at math.

When we look at the prisons then men outnumber the women extremely, cynical we could say that more men are caught and that women are better to not get caught, but I think it is not worth investigating. Men seem to come in trouble more often because of violent behavior and aggression. Besides the fact that aggression in boys is more socially acceptable than for girls this this is not the whole story. Boys are also more prone to violent games and we even see this behavior in many animals. Although it varies from one culture to another men are often more violent than most women.

" La donna mobile " these are the words Verdi wrote in his famous opera in 1851 and literally means " The woman is fickle ". Men and women often show the same erratic behavior and often equally changing moods but it seems that we remember the mood swings of women better. When people are asked to remember fickle behavior or mood swings of their partner then they report more mood swings for women than for men. It is true that mood disorders such as depression and anxiety appear among women about twice as frequent than among men. However, this can also occur from the fact that most women seek help when they feel miserable and men mostly don't' but that does not explain the whole difference. We can therefore assume that mood swings and volatility appears strong in both sexes, but slightly more in women.

I read a beautiful quote about the eternal struggle and debate about the difference between men that is so true. The writer and humorist Robert Orben once said, " Nobody Will Ever Win the Battle of the Sexes. There's Too Much Fraternizing with the Enemy". And with this statement I will end my article.

The origin of the differences before birth.

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What many people do not know is that the human baby is initially developed as a girl after fertilization. At conception, it is already certain: two XX chromosomes is a girl and one X and one Y chromosome means a boy. Also, many people do not know that the seed (so the man) will determine the gender. The Y chromosome of the little boy puts a process in motion that produces the male hormone testosterone. Between the sixth and twelfth week of pregnancy the sexual organs of the child develop into the male or female direction. Then during the rest of the pregnancy the brains will also grow into a male or female direction because the boy produces a peak of the hormone testosterone and the girl does not. The feeling of being a man or woman is the result of our growth in the uterus for the rest of our lives and created in our brain structure.

There are still (in my view mostly female) scientists who are trying to show that the differences between men and women in the brain does not exist and that all the differences between men and women are forced by education and society. Unfortunately, I agree more with the studies that show that there are indeed differences in the brains of men and women that have their origin in the evolution. In my opinion, men and women are totally equal but not identical. If men and women are forced by society to copy each other's behavior, in my view, both of them do not function properly. We come from the same ancestors as the animals around us and these animals all show different behavior in male and female. It is strange to think that humans are the only species that do not have these differences.

But back to the unborn child, the spike in testosterone that normally occurs with boys in the womb could be responsible for the gender differences in play behavior for example. Girls who produce too much testosterone in the womb often choose for boys as playmates and play preferably with boys toys. But there are clear gender differences in children's drawings, both the subjects and colors in the composition. Girls often draw human figures, flowers and butterflies, and they often use bright colors. Boys draw more technical objects, weapons, fights and cars, trains and airplanes. Usually the perspective seen from above and use them dark and cool colors.

Some gender differences in our behavior so early after birth shows that they can be emerged only from the womb. Already one the day after birth, most girls prefer to look at faces and boys prefer to look at moving objects. When the child one year old girls are making more eye contact than boys. In later life is eye contact also very different for men and women. When women make eye contact thay want to come into contact with the other and for men eye contact is interpreted as a challenge from the other person. We see the same behavior in animals so it seems this is a difference between men and women that is the result of the evolution, so something that has been shaped by our genetic material in the womb.

There is another reason that contradicts the emergence of differences by education and society. Sometimes children are born whose sex is unclear, often these children are operated on shortly after birth to give them a clear gender. After this it was thought that the children's education as a boy or as a girl naturally would go right. But many of these children eventually turn out to have a sense that they have the wrong gender. So it seems very much likely that the sex of the brains, feeling whether one is male or female at birth, is fixed in the brains.

Popular differences between men and women one by one.

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Physical differences between men and women.

body of a man
  • Length, the average man is 11 cm taller than the average woman.
  • Weight, the average man is 12 kilos heavier than the average woman.
  • Hull, the average woman has a larger hull than the average man.
  • Fat tissue, in the male body this is about 15% and in the female about 25% of the body weight.
  • Power, the man has more testosterone (hormone) and therefore more muscle, the woman body has an average of 30% muscle and the male 40%.
  • Heart volume, the average man has a hearth volume of 770 cc and the average woman 560 cc.
  • Heart rate, the average heart rate for men between is 70 and 85 beats per minute, and women in the same situation between 75 and 90 beats per minute.
  • Blood, the average man has 5.5 liters of blood and the average woman 4.5 liters.
  • Hips, hips of a man are built to run fast, that of the woman to carry and give birth to a child. Because of this difference women have a disadvantage in a lot of sports compared to men.
boidy of a woman

Explanations of differences between men and women.

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Why most women can generally lie more convincing than men?

Since most women pay more attention to the body language of the other person while communicating, most women flawlessly can determine if that other person is lying. This is mostly caused by the fact that the different parts of her brain work very well together so she can make a good connections between the spoken words and the visual information of the body-language and facial expressions. Most women are superior in reading and interpreting body-language because in the evolution women were trained to discover abnormalities in a group of women and children fast and efficient. Today women still have this ability while most man do not have this. This is why a man cannot lie to a woman because his body-language is not in line with the words they say ,and women notice that immediately. In the other case, most women are able to lie flatly in the face of a man without him noticing anything strange because men pay more attention to the words spoken and not on watching body-language. When a man want to lie to a woman he is better of using a phone, email or do it in the dark because then their body-language cannot betray them.

Why are so many secretaries female?

Mainly because they are able to do many things at the same time. Most women are very good at simultaneously performing several different tasks, men have much more difficulty width multitasking. And this is why women are much better than men in the job of a secretary.

Why do women often almost see everything!

A man and woman are sitting together on the couch watching TV. The man is sitting in one corner of the sofa the women in other. Very silently and carefully the man is biting his nails when the woman suddenly says, "stop biting your nails". The man is surprised how she could see that while she was watching the TV. Scientific research has proven that men and women have different sight. The man's vision is almost straight ahead, that of the woman is much broader. The woman is able to also see the things that happen next to her. Men cannot imagine this and I think the average man would get crazy if he could see through women's eyes. Conversely, women cannot imagine that men do not see certain things that are not in front of them. You can even do an experiment together for example, by looking together at a fixed point in a busy restaurant and to say what see around this point. The result will be very surprising. However, men are better in distinguishing details in the distance because their vision is much more focused. Also men can calculate the distance much better than a woman. From the perspective of the evolution this phenomenon is quite understandable, the man had to concentrate as hunter on a prey and not be distracted by the environment. He also learned to estimate distance very good. Women had to keep an eye on the group and learned to notice all small details in their immediate surrounding. This is still programmed into our modern brain.

Why can a man not secretly look at another woman without his wife noticing it.

Every man who is in a relation knows that it's almost impossible to secretly look at another woman walking by without his partner noticing it. How good he tries to hide it, she will respond: "beware that your eyes don't fall out!". The man feels caught and wonders how his wife now pulls this trick, the explanation is quite simple. Since men look pretty focused and have a narrower field of vision than women, it is often easy to see where they are watching at that time. Because a woman has a very wide field of vision, they can immediately see where the man walking next to her is looking at. How good he will try to hide it, a woman will almost always notice her husband looking at another woman. Conversely, women can watch the handsome man walking by and take a good look at him, without their partner noticing at all.

Why do a lot of women have trouble with parking a car?

Because women's brains have a wide field of view and they are not so good in estimating the distance, it is more difficult for most women to (reverse parallel) park a car. The brains of most men are very good in estimating the distance giving them a great advantage when (parallel) parking a car.

Why do women talk so much and are men so bad in listening?

There seems to be a big difference in the way women and men communicate. First I want to explain this from a perspective of evolution, after thousands of generations, our genes are still the cause of great specialization in brains of men and women .During hunting trips men had communicate quick and efficient and also the communication was very focused on taking action and the man had to take care that he was not distracted by other signals from the environment. Women used the communication especially in the group from a social point of view. By verbal language and body language women were able to monitor the state of mind of the other group members. Man used only one hemisphere of the brain in communication, women use both hemispheres that work together and there are many more areas of the brain involved in the communication. Nowadays men are still very action-oriented and problem solving while women more communicating from a social point of view. Men communicate quite directly, using few words, women -communicate more indirect and use many more words.

If two women have a problem they will extensively talk about it with each other, they will empathize the feelings of the other and after the conversation they will probably feel better and maybe have a solution, but the solution is not the most important part. When two men are discussing a problem they exchange a few sentences and then almost immediately try to take actions to solve the problem quickly. The woman wants to talk about her worries and problems and finding a solution is not the main goal, but the goal is to share feelings. The man experiences this as a request for help and will offer a quick solution, because this is how his brain works. He listens for a short while and thinks he can solve the problem. But the woman feels that the man is not willing to listen to her and she feels that the man is not taking her seriously. She needs someone who will listens and understands and she does not want a quick unsolicited solution. The man does not understand why the woman is dissatisfied with his solution and does not understand why the woman still wants to talk about it. So the woman has the impression that the man did not listen to her, but if she understands how his brain works, she could make it clear that she does not want a quick solution but just wants to talk about it and wants the man to understand her problem. Also if the man knows about this then he could take the time to listen to her without pinpointing a solution. This would save a lot of conflicts in many relationship. Generally it would seem that the communication technique of women is better than that from men, but in an emergency such as an emergency landing the short, direct and action taken communication technique of the man has an advantage.

Why a man will not ask for directions when he is lost?

For a man is asking for help is a form of defeat, he will go the limit to try to solve the problem himself. For most men life is a great competition in which they have to prove themselves. Women often do not understand this because they are socially minded and are accustomed to ask for help if they have a problem. This is one of the issues that almost everyone encounters in his relationship, especially when a couple will travel together.

Why do most men turn of the radio when he has to concentrate on the traffig artround him?

Male brains are highly specialized in performing one task, if a man has to drive a car in heavy traffic or when he will have to concentrate on the route this task uses his whole brain. The brain is not able to concentrate when there are all kinds of ambient noises that can distract him. For most men it's hard to concentrate on traffic around him, when someone is talking to him of if there are busy children in the backseat. Women can handle this generally much better because their brains are not so specialized and they can do several things at the same time.

Why do men retreat when they have problems.

Most men tend to "retreat to their cave" for some time when he has problems to solve. They don't want to talk about their problems and refuse help. This behavior is sometimes hard to understand for a women, she wants to communicate and help the other person that has problems. The average man does not want help, he wants to be left alone and he will not ask for help, not even from his best friends. John Gray, the author of the Mars and Venus books, describes several reasons for this behavior. The man wants to solve his problems himself and that is why he needs time alone to think without distraction. When a man thinks about problems he uses the right brain in order to analyze the problem and because the average man is not good in doing several things at the same time, he wants to be left alone. The average man cannot simultaneously solve a problem and listen and talk at the same time. Most men often think inside their head as opposed to women who usually think aloud. When the man has solved his problems or came up with a solution, the man will return but a lot of women don't understand this behavior because they cannot understand this based on their own experiences. When the average woman has a problems they will ask another woman for help and talk about the problems. Also a lot of men don't' understand this behavior of women because it's the opposite of their behavior. The man will returns from the cave when he has solved his problems and at that point he will be able to talk about it. But sometimes the man returns from the cave and has nothing to say because he has realized that it was not really a problem and there was nothing going on. For women this is sometimes hard to understand because they cannot accept that difficult problems can go away without talking about it. When a woman knows about this "men behavior" she can feel confidence that he needs some time alone but he will come back. It has a lot to do with thrust in each other and knowing why the other gender is doing things the opposite way.

Why do men have nipples?

Research shows that after fertilization the human fetus is both physically and mentally feminine. This allows men have some feminine characteristics, such as nipples and mammary glands that do not function anymore. A male fetus will receive a huge dose of male hormones between six and eight weeks after conception that will developed the testes and change the brains from female to male. This is why man have nipples, because every unborn child starts out as a female.

Why do men deal so different with retirement than women?

Retirement is for most men a difficult period in their lives, beside the loss of his job that can be very stressful it is also the loss of something much bigger, the loss of his identity. Many men simply deny that there is an end to their working life as the retirement date approaches. Many men think they have so much knowledge and experience that they would rather let him stay. The fact that colleagues and his employer think that it's time for him to stop working sometimes feels like betrayal. In short, the hunter will have the feeling that the hunter group still needs him. But usually this is not the case and many men suffer from the loss of colleagues, status and feeling to be important. After a short time men even can get depressed and sometimes men suddenly get a heart attack after retirement. Compared with men, women are not so afraid of their retirement, and they will go on with their lives. Men are find their confidence in their work and their achievements, women usually derive their value from the quality of their relationships. In research from the men 70 to 80 percent state that they find their job the most important thing in their family life, and width woman 70 to 80 percent say that their family comes first. Because retired women have a big social networks the transition is usually not so big. After their retirement many women joined clubs for their hobbies, sports or even a new study. When a woman is no longer working, they usually just goes on with her life, it is not a major event, for most men it is a major change in his life.

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