Bon Vivant - the tale of a mysterious guesthouse

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Sign Bon Vivant Welcome on the homepage of the freeware Windows (tm) first person 3D adventuregame Bon Vivant - the tale of a mysterious guesthouse. Since I bought my first TRS-80 computer in 1978 I loved adventuregames. I played all the old text adventuregames and later on I played all the Seventh Guest, Myst, Kings Quest adventuregames. I wrote an adventure interpreter for Windows and Android for the old text adventures. But my dream was creating a first person 3D adventuregame, with great graphics, puzzles and a good storyline. I am a skilled C, C++ and C# programmer and also good with graphics, but creating such a big game was difficult. Until I learned to program in Unity and then things went fast. It took me more than half a year to build this game and I learned a lot. I now have a small company, a valid code signing certificate and I decided to thy donationware and distributing the game on my own website and some free game sites. On this page you can download my freeware (donationware) first person 3D adventuregame, I really hope you will enjoy playing it. Regards, Hein Pragt.

The adventuregame Bon Vivant

Hotel Bon Vivant

This free walking point and click 3D adventuregame takes place in an abandoned and boarded-up guest house in a forest somewhere in the middle of the Netherlands. Ten years ago a drama took place in the guest house and since then it has been abandoned and boarded up. In the nearby village it is said that mysterious things still happen around the old guest house and children are told that they absolutely can not go there. You wanted to examine the story on your holiday but your partner did not want you to go. Now a year later you lost your job, your partner and as a rebellious act you are planning to investigate the mysterious guest house to discover what has happened. You have to solve obstacles that you encounter in this guest house and gradually you learn more and more about the eccentric old residents, their relationships and problems and the dramatic event that happened ten years ago. One of the features of the game is that all the puzzles and problems you have to solve are really possible, the game tries to be realistic in everything and not to break the atmosphere and zeitgeist.

The game is a first person adventuregame, which means that you look through the eyes of the player. In the game you have a flashlight in the left hand and the possibility to carry one large object in your right hand. So when you take a new large object, the old object will remain there. You can bring several small items in your backpack, this makes the game realistic to play. The game has no voice over but does have background sounds and sounds that objects make within the game. The game can be played in semi-random order, but in order to be able to continue on certain points, you must have done a number of things. An attempt has been made to make the illusion that you are really walking around as realistic as possible. The game does not have a hint system, you sometimes get an indication as if it was an idea that occurred in your own thoughts.


  • Version 2.02 - Okt 2020 - In this version the Dutch language is removed and voiceovers with subtitles are added to the game. Also I made a lot of graphical changes and added some new Unity features (due to new Unity knowledge) and I changed the storyline a bit.
  • Version 1.06 - Jul 2019 - After purchasing a new development laptop with a good 3D graphic card and an upgrade from Unity, I updated the gamma setting and an number of graphical elements. The game now looks a bit more balanced and realistic and the colors a little more natural. The story of the adventuregame has not been modified, the changes in version 1.06 are only cosmetic.
  • Version 1.05 - May 2019 - changed gamma setting so now its bright on a normal screen (game was too dark).
  • Version 1.04 - Jan 2019 - fixed bug that items sometimes were not where you left them when resuming the game.
  • Version 1.03 - Jan 2019 - initial release.


Picture impression of the adventuregame

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